Startup Huddle Lilongwe Holds Festive Meeting to End the Year

Taona Chigwenembe | January 25, 2017


During the December Startup Huddle Lilongwe’s monthly meeting, organized by the Network for Entrepreneurial Women, the ladies decided to make the meeting their Christmas party as well, since the next meeting will be after the festive season.

Chairs set, projector set, Christmas lights, tinsels and other decorations glowing in the space, and the smell of food occupied the room.

The ladies started coming in, all dressed up, eager and excited to come for the meeting. A lot of new members had come and so did some of the old members. Everyone was excited and ready to share, learn and have some fun.

I made a presentation on practical sales skills, including a focus on sales cycle and selling. The ladies discussed the following;

  • Having our own sales processes and best representation at every stage of the sales cycle
  • Tips on prospecting to generate leads and how to qualify the leads
  • Importance of good presentation skills and strong product knowledge
  • Strong negotiation and closing skills
  • Best businesses practices, structures that protect businesses against losses and reputation ruin

The ladies were so open to share the challenges they face as they sell and market their products and services – including sharing experiences and thoughts on ways to overcome these challenges.

One interesting topic that came out of the discussion was about legal protection against damaged goods by customers.

After the presentation, the ladies helped themselves to delicious snacks and drinks prepared by Checks Catering and an exciting photoshoot by Mars Photography with a beautiful decorated background by Castine Creations.

The beauty of Startup Huddle, is that all services are sourced within the group. You need not look too far for good advice, mentorship and networking expertise. The group comprises of business women in different kinds of sectors, offering numerous products and services. There is so much talent under one roof.

The women are more than happy to share their business ideas, help shape each other’s business ideas, share experiences and help each other face the numerous challenges of doing business. It feels as though every meeting accomplishes learning, networking, problem solving, business opportunities and friendships.

It was incredible to see the ladies working together toward making the meeting a success. The spirit of giving suiting the festive season was profound. Impressive teamwork was demonstrated.

There is so much more that could be achieved by working together and that is one principle learnt through Startup Huddle. Just as the famous African proverb says “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” 

Taona Chigwenembe
Taona Chigwenembe is a Managing Partner of a family owned business called Checks Investments that was established in 2014. Checks Investments is a... About the Author